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Cooke County Historic Churches

Many churches of the 1800’s continue to serve parishioners of Cooke County today.  The earliest of these churches is First United Methodist Church, Gainesville, which was established in 1852.  The structure is known for its beautiful stained glass and its ornate organ.


The “youngest” of the 26 historic county churches is Corinth Baptist Church, also in Gainesville, which still enthusiastically serves the community.


One of the most notable churches is St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Lindsay, which was established 1892 and built in 1903.  The present-day structure is the third building as the two previous were destroyed, one by fire and the second one by a tornado.


Cooke County proudly boasts about its beautiful churches, both large and small.  Their history is rich and so much a part of what Cooke County is today.

Cooke County Historic Churches - Founded 1850-1900 and Still in Worship Today

1852        First United Methodist Church
1859        New Hope Baptist Church
1865        Rosston United Methodist Church
1866        Sivells Bend Methodist Church
1871        First Baptist Church, Gainesville
1872        Woodbine Baptist Church
1873        St. James Methodist/CME
1874        First Christian Church
               Marysville Baptist Church
               Bear Head Baptist
1875        Valley View Baptist Church
               St. Pauls Episcopal Church
1876        Myra Baptist Church
1877        Era Baptist Church        
               Valley View United Methodist Church
1878        Concord Baptist Church
1879        St. Mary’s Catholic Church
               Era Church of Christ
               First Presbyterian Church

1880        First Mount Olive Baptist
               Callisburg United Methodist Church
1882        Antioch Baptist Church
1883        Custer City Baptist Church
1885        Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
1886        Whaley United Methodist Church 
1887        Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church
1889        Sacred Heart Catholic Church
1890        Old Mt. Olive Baptist
1891        Vilott Baptist Church
               Era United Methodist Church
1892        Valley View Church of Christ
               St. Peter’s Catholic Church
1893        Hibbitt Baptist Church        
               Concord Church of Christ
1896        Commerce Street Church of Christ
1899        Corinth Baptist Church

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